We're BIG on YOU

We’re BIG on YOU

We deliver a fresh approach to real estate which is All. About. YOU.

Big auction campaigns are often used to promote a franchise’s brand at your cost. We don’t need this. We will work with you to choose the sale method that is best for YOU and your family.

As an independent business, we have the absolute freedom to Do. It. Your. Way. We have the total flexibility to structure a sales package that suits YOU

We will open your property at a time that suits YOU – not squeezed in whenever it suits the agent

To us, it’s not about the hard sell to meet typical franchise sales targets and move on to the next sale. Just top results for YOU every time.

Should you choose to auction your property, you can be assured that EVERY auction campaign is managed by a highly skilled auctioneer (at NO extra cost). An auctioneer’s personal involvement in the campaign is absolutely vital. It ensures they have an intimate knowledge of the buyers and their spending capabilities. Many franchise chains bring in a separate auctioneer at the end of the campaign (at YOUR cost).